they say                                           let me help you slow it down.

it goes by fast.

it goes by fast.

Virginia Beach Hampton Roads Photographer

they say                                           

let me help you slow it down.

Oh hey! I'm Ali.

I’m a Virginia Beach portrait and lifestyle photographer specializing in comfortable portraits and candids. You know, those in-between moments that are gone before you can reach for your camera.

I can’t wait to slow it all down for you.

Serving Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads

I believe that marriage is 100% self sacrifice by each person "until one of us shall lay the other in the arms of God."

I'd rather have my toes in the sand than in any of my 50 pairs of shoes.

I believe in notes written by hand in cursive. I refuse to let emoji's take over.

I'd take Charleston, South Carolina over Paris, France any day.

I think that Madewell gift cards are a legitimate form of payment.

#MyHusbandChad prays for me every morning... it's the simple things, ladies.

I will never shy away from my affinity for palm trees, pineapples, and all things island life.

I love food but will never consider myself a foodie... that would require standards, and I love it all.

I'd argue that nothing is a more meaningful representation of your wedding day than an album.


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As for my journey in photography, I entered the wedding industry in 2006.  Since then, I've had the honor and privilege of meeting so many amazing couples and documenting their love stories across the East Coast. 


Getting to meet amazing clients and documenting their love is my favorite part of my job, and I view it as an honor and a gift, just as I view marriage itself!

and I can sincerely assure you that I love a classic vineyard wedding equally as much as a relaxed seaside affair.

With this much time in the industry, I've seen the full gamut...